Durian Fruits and Sex Drive

Published | Updated August 14, 2020
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Durian Fruits and Sex Drive

Before I explain the relationship between the Durian fruit and sex drive, first a bit about the fruit itself, which is interesting enough. Now, the Durian fruit officially knows thirty recognized species, although Thailand alone has more than three-hundred named varieties and more than a hundred species are known in Malaysia and Indonesia.

The name of the fruit comes from the Malaysian language, where the word duri means thorn, which is a reference to the thorns of the rind. It’s sometimes called the King of Fruits and its well-known for it’s large size, weight, and more specifically for its very strong smell (odor).

To be honest, I think the fruit simply stinks, although some, of course, find the smell rather pleasant and attractive. But to make my case: in Thailand, you will see signs in buses, metros and trains which forbid taking Durian fruits with you. I think that says enough, doesn’t it?

The flesh of the Durian fruit can be consumed as is, fresh, or prepared as a side dish, but it’s also very much used in a broad variety of sweet desserts in Southeast Asian countries. Additionally, the seeds can also be eaten after being cooked.

In Indonesia, it’s believed that Durians have aphrodisiac properties. The Indonesians even have a saying dedicated to the fruit, which goes “The Durians fall and the Sarongs come up.” To be clear, the Sarong is a large cloth, usually wrapped around the waist, used in India, Southeast Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, parts of Africa and on a bunch of Pacific islands. It’s worn by both men and women.

As for the scientific evidence of the Durian’s aphrodisiac properties, research on mice has shown that persistent consumption of Durian fruit increases sperm count and sperm motility, and moreover, more copulative power and libido, that is, sex drive.

But then again, well, I don’t know if we can or should compare men with mice. For what it is, of course you can try out the fruit, even if it were only to get acquainted with its amazingly pungent smell.

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