Yoni Massage Treatment Services in New York | NYC

Published | Updated February 15, 2020

Yoni Massage Treatment Providers in New York | NYC
In the past decade, Yoni related practices have risen to the front stage—Yoni Massage, Yoni Steaming (V-Spa), Yoni Showering, Yoni Mapping, Yoni Multi-Orgasm, and the like, have become immensely fashionable and popular… on a global scale.

Yoni treatments address a woman’s complete womanhood, and take things to the next level. This time, the “revolution” has a more individual, self-reflecting, self-liberating focus, one where a woman dives deeply into herself, accepting, cherishing and embracing her femininity… totally, on all levels, with inclusion of the physical, genital plane.

In any case, in this post we list treatment providers in New York City that offer sensual and erotic bodywork and traditional massages for women. Below you find our selection.

Yoni Massage Treatments in NYC

Erotic Massage Manhatten NYC
Erotic Massage Manhatten NYC offers Tantra, Soapy, Fetish, Prostate Massage, Nuru, Body-2-body, Dominationa, and Yoni Massage treatments, among other treatme [More details...]

Erotic Massage NYC
Erotic Massage NYC offers incall and outcall Tantric, Eso, Prostate Massage, Nuru, Body-2-body, and Yoni Massage treatments in New York City (NYC). [More details...]

Happy & Girls NYC
Happy & Girls NYC offers Tantra, Body to body, Nuru erotic, Yoni Massage and Fetish massage treatments in New York City (NYC). [More details...]

Her Private Pleasures NYC
Her Private Pleasures NYC offers tantric-inspired bodywork with a sensual touch for women in New York. Her Private Pleasures is a part-time non-profit pursui [More details...]
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Lollipop Massage NYC
Lollipop Massage in New York, offers sensual massage and bodywork services, such as Lingam Massage, Yoni Massage, Tantric Massage, and Full Body Massage, amo [More details...]

Masseur NYC
Masseur NYC offers Full Body Sensual and Traditional Massages for Women in New York City. Sensual body rub, traditional massage, full body sensual massage (f [More details...]
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New York Asian Escorts
New York Asian Escorts offers a vast range of erotic, sensual and Tantric Massage and bodywork treatment services. [More details...]

NY Body Love
NY Body Love offers tantric and neo-tantric treatments, coaching and trainings for men, women & couples of ALL Orientation and Faiths. The intention of [More details...]
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Temple of Bliss
It’s quite tough to describe the vast range of activities of the international Temple of Bliss in just a few words. We will limit ourselves to the desc [More details...]

White Lotus East
White Lotus East is devoted to your sensual awakening and to helping you achieve a higher state of sexual awareness. Their mission is to enlighten you in the [More details...]

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