What to Do when You See what Happens?

Published: Dec 26, 2022 | Revised: Apr 29, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

What to Do when You See what Happens?

It’s really not that hard to observe the world around us meticulously. To see what-really-happens. It’s quite easy to expose the rubbish we spread on our earth and in our lives.

But it’s not so easy to know what to do with it. And also — if we should do anything at all. I suppose it’s a personal thing. A thing of the possibilities and options one has, opportunities, or maybe even of conscience. Of education, of character, of experiences. Of a lot of factors, that is.

We’re driven, we’re formed by what we experience, perceive. We engage out of the physical, mental, and emotional knowledge we’ve gathered, willingly and unwillingly, and moreover — we act according to the real or imagined restrictions this particular knowledge and our cultural, social, economic, and natural environmental circumstances impose on us.

Surely, I can give you answers. Loads. But they are just my answers. Born out of my personal life and experiences. My background, my knowledge.

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The fact that I express what-I-see and how-I-see-things is just an expression. It’s actually how life functions. Continuous expression. Each individual human life does that in its own, very unique way. That’s unquestionably one of the miracles of life — manifold in expression, infinite in her ways.

Always new and always old. The same thing said over and over again in a slightly different fashion. It’s like a trial, a continuous test of possibilities, a game of beaming colors on the wall in an endless variety of shades.

History shows us many ways of handling the world and what-happens. From active engagement to complete lethargy, from total acceptance to full denial, from non-violence to war, from religion to atheism, from despair to hope and from indifference to rebellion.

Of course, we can feel safe and secure in adopting a certain stand, but it always holds the opposite power in its hand. And when taking a stand, we engage. And in engagement there’s always friction with that which we oppose. Because engagement is necessarily and naturally opposing the-other-side of the coin.

There’s no way not to take a stand. We always do, basically even if we don’t. But life itself doesn’t contain any “stands” or morals. Left or right, good or evil are equal expressions. It’s the eye of the beholder that labels, that wants or wants not, that engages or not engages.

To become as life, to be life, is to suspend judgement. It’s to suspend values. It’s to suspend morals and morality. It’s becoming a-moral.

It’s not a question about what-to-do or not-to-do. When we express, we express. In good or in bad ways. In exhilarating or disgusting fashion. We love and we hate.

But life and living it, is — easy. It’s to embrace with empathy what-is-there. Just like that. Which is not so easy at all.

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