When Only Stillness Is

Published: Aug 14, 2022 | Revised: Apr 23, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

When Only Stillness Is

“When you awaken to truth as it really is, you will have no occult vision, you will have no ‘astral’ experience, no ravishing ecstasy. You will awaken to it in a state of utter stillness, and you will realize truth was always there within you and that reality was always there around you.”

— Paul Brunton —

Stillness is being silent to be able to hear the smallest sound. It’s being open, being sensitive, letting all come in seamlessly. It’s hearing all — the noises, the clamor, the whispers … reflecting those.

Stillness is like this mirror not affected by what it shows. Stillness is indifferent of what it reflects, might that be “beautiful” or “ugly.” Stillness is neutral.

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Without stillness we can’t hear. Without stillness we can’t perceive or discern anything at all. Stillness is our true in-ground, but at the same time not being “a thing.”

Stillness is being available, it’s total absence by which total presence is manifested. The deeper our stillness, the purer the vision of what-is.

Stillness is what we intrinsically are, our inmost nature, it’s pure, unaffected being reflecting manifold becoming, being real only because being makes her real.

Becoming is not independent from being. It “exists,” because it IS being, mysteriously emanating from out stillness, to dis-appear … back into stillness.

It’s a riddle that can’t be solved. But one day we might see that becoming originates from out absolute stillness only. That becoming is not a “becoming” at all, and not really making sounds.

That only stillness is.

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