Our Pursuit of Happiness and Peace of Mind

Published | Updated November 18, 2019

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Our Pursuit of Happiness and Peace of Mind

“Their questions are not yours. Neither are their answers. And when no questions arise, no answers are needed.”

Isn’t that what we’re really looking for? Being happy, happiness? But is it happiness that will bring us peace of mind or is it the other way around—peace of mind bringing us happiness?

And is happiness a positive state of mind or is it simply the absence of unhappiness, the cessation of a mind cluttered with contradictory thoughts and concepts? Is it perhaps something like being healthy—which is the absence of illness. Is health something we can experience or is it only disease that has its mark?

To answer these kinds of questions genuinely, authentically, is perhaps one out toughest endeavors. Our upbringing, habits, concepts, knowledge, opinions, cultural, social and educational mold have imposed a very particular mental disposition on us which hinders us to see things with an unbiased and dispassionate state of mind. And moreover, in a globalized world with increasingly universal ways of thinking, things have certainly not become easier.

Society has given us answers to questions we’ve never asked, and moreover, those answers have become our way of life. Seeing that it is thus, is a first step. But then, to get free of all that, to be liberated of preset directives and to see what our true questions are, needs tremendous effort, courage, and absolute clarity.

Clearly seeing all that, is a prerequisite to come to our own response to life and living. That response however, can never be formulated by the tools we got handed by our educational institutions, may that be schools, studies, jobs, gurus, family or friends.

Another “mindset” is needed. Another approach and another way of looking. Another language. An attitude and way of life that emerges from inside of us. Because we will need our own answers. No one else—in truth—can do that for us.

Are we able to set aside all that we’ve learned so far and think to be true about attaining happiness, Self-Realization or Enlightenment? Can we cast off all artifice, opinions and conceptual frameworks, and pay careful, unprejudiced attention to the dynamics of both our outer and inner life? Is it possible and how?

And, when we’ve finally come to our own “thing,” can we then assume true response-ibility and follow our inner callings and insights? Are we willing to take the consequences of doing so? In fact, do we have any other choice if we want to attain peace of mind and be “happy?”

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