Love and Truth – It Takes Two to Tango

Published: Dec 24, 2022
Edited by: Team TB

Love and Truth - It Takes Two to Tango

Love says “I am everything.” Wisdom says “I am nothing.” Between the two, my life flows.

Nisargadatta Maharaj

I sought truth, and found love. The truth I sought showed itself as love finally. Love said “Here I am,” and it carved its message in my heart by saying “I am truth!”

I found love, stumbled upon it as a result of the truth I craved for. As a gift, as grace, making the improbability of what I found — reality.

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Truth being true and love being its living expression. Love being its ultimate expression. Its reality.

I understand now that truth can only sustain itself through love. That love is the logical outcome. Absolute love, just like absolute truth.

I see now that I sought love … not truth. That the truth was letting go of all I didn’t love, to make love possible.

Love showed its face as truth which carved its message in my heart saying “I am love!”

It takes two to become one. Two to Tango. Some find truth through love, others love through truth. But both find Life.

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