What Is Tantric Dance?

Published: Mar 29, 2023
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What Is Tantric Dance?

Tantric Dance — or Tantric Dancing — is a Neo-Tantric modality that involves dancing with a partner in a completely free, improvised and spontaneous manner, where masculine and feminine energy is thought to complement each other’s opposite character through the divine union of Shiva and Shakti.

Do mind that the term “Tantric Dance” can also refer more symbolically to the spiritual transcendence of duality achieved by the play, embrace, interaction, and “dance” of Kundalini Energy and the Shiva and Shakti deities. However, in this post, we don’t talk about the esoteric meaning of the “Tantric Dance,” but rather about the actual, physical Neo-Tantric dance practice.

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Another thing to note here is that what we describe hereunder is just one form of Tantric Dancing. For instance, there’s also a whole lineage of Tantric Dance or Tantric Sacred Dance activities that is directed to women only, specifically focusing on emotionally and sexually liberating and empowering women through Tantric techniques.

But okay, back to the more popular version of Tantric Dance. It’s typically carried out by a dance couple consisting of a receiver (or follower) and a giver (or leader) in which the receiver is represented as feminine energy and the giver as masculine energy. As a rule, the follower dances blindfolded, is chosen by a giver, and the one who’s blindfolded doesn’t know with whom they dance.

Nevertheless, the representation of masculine energy (Shiva) and feminine energy (Shakti) is not necessarily bound to the classical roles of man and woman. That is, a woman can assume either the feminine or masculine part, as can a man.

The use of a blindfold is a tool for sensory deprivation with an aim of supporting us to surrender and turn inward, and as such feel, reveal, and experience ourselves and the world around us on an entirely another level.

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Tantric Dancing is intended both for singles and couples, but it can also be carried out alone, or — by contrast — with a whole group together.

The idea behind the Tantric Dance is that it can have many benefits for the participants. It’s seen as a playful, enjoyable activity that can teach us to relax, surrender and experience non-judgmental pleasure and intimacy, become more aware of our presence and sensitivity, can improve our ability to communicate and connect with others and our own self through touch, movement and feeling, and enhances our energy levels and vitality.

Note that Tantric Dance is not a sexual activity, and is done with clothes on. Dancers will usually dance barefoot and are urged to fully respect each other’s body, boundaries, space, and mind.

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