Tantra Dating | Speed Dates with Tantric Elements

Published: Aug 11, 2022
Edited by: Team TB

Tantra Dating | Speed Dates with Tantric Elements

Tantra Dating or Tantra Speed Dating is a form of relationship dating that incorporates Tantric elements and activities in its dating process, with the idea of finding a partner, of course, but also with a goal of teaching people new skills, and new perspectives on what relationships can be.

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By the way, speed dating is a matchmaking process that offers the opportunity to singles to meet many potential partners in a very short, often limited period of time. It can be organized live in-person at a location in an event form, or online.

In Tantric Speed Dating you get to know someone in a way that includes working with elements and activities that are used in Tantric practices, such as meditation, sitting on a mat on the floor, holding hands, hands-to-heart exercises, Partner Yoga, giving a massage, dance, Breathwork, gentle embracing and touching, Tantric Eye-Gazing, often accompanied by burning incense and appropriate music. Many of the exercises can also be done online.

Mind that these types of meetings are certainly not “hardcore” Tantric Sex gatherings; they are typically clothes on, non-sexual events.

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