What Is Meridian Shiatsu Therapy? | Style and Approach

Published: May 26, 2022
Edited by: Team TB

What Is Meridian Shiatsu Therapy? | Style and Approach

Meridian Shiatsu is a general name for the types of Shiatsu Therapy that strongly focuses on the Ki Meridian Energy Channel theory known from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

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It means that the hands-on therapeutic approach is rather occupied with Meridian diagnosis and treatment than on specific Tsubo acupressure points work.

Typically, practitioners and therapists of Meridian-based Shiatsu use their entire body to give a massage session — not only the hands and fingers — which generally incorporates dynamic, graceful massage movements, complemented with (Meridian) stretches.

Some styles of Shiatsu are commonly labeled “Meridian Shiatsu.” Notably the Zen Shiatsu style from Masunaga, which is also called Keiraku Shiatsu (Keiraku is the Japanese word for Meridian) falls in this category.

Nevertheless, there are also a range of other Shiatsu styles that could be classified as Meridian Shiatsu, such as Taikyo Shiatsu, Tao Shiatsu, and Shinso Shiatsu.

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