Ryoho Shiatsu, Tempeki Tamai, and Shiatsuho

Published: May 10, 2022
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Ryoho Shiatsu, Tempeki Tamai, and Shiatsuho

Ryoho Shiatsu is a tribute to Tempeki Tamai, the writer of the work Shiatsuhō (meaning Shiatsu Method), which is considered the first publication ever that mentions the name “Shiatsu.” Shiatsuhō was part (an appendix) of the book Chikara Oyō Ryoho (“power therapy”), which was published by Tamai in 1928, in Japan.

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Mind that the name Tempeki Tamai was a pseudonym for Kazuma Fukunaga, the latter being the actual name of the writer. You will find Tempeki Tamai also spelled as Tenpeki Tamai or Tempaku Tamai, or written in reverse order i.e. Tamai Tempeki or Tamai Tempaku.

In any case, in 1939, Tempeki also published a book titled Shiatsu Ryōhō, which means “therapeutic Shiatsu.” Ryoho is the Japanese term for “therapy.”

By many, Tempeki’s work is considered the actual founding of Shiatsu Therapy. His work contains elaborations on modern anatomy, spiritual advice, therapist’s attitudes, and of course — Shiatsu, departing from Anma Massage.

Ryoho Shiatsu comprises of the study of all aspects of Shiatsu, that is:

  • Mechanical (manipulation and stretching techniques);
  • Energy (Meridians and Tsubo Pressure Points) points);
  • Therapy (pathologies and oriental diagnosis);
  • Personal development (Self-Shiatsu, Do-In, meditation, Qigong, and so on);
  • Oriental Medicine (theories and other treatment applications).

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