Tibetan Mantra Healing | Ngak Cho

Published: Nov 24, 2021
Edited by: Team TB

Tibetan Mantra Healing | Ngak Cho

Mantras — in Tibet called Ngak — are sounds, utterances, words or phrases of which it’s believed that they have religious, magical, or spiritual powers.

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Typically, Mantras are chanted and recited, being spoken out loud or repeated mentally. Although Mantras are often in the Indian Sanskrit, Pali, or in the Tibetan language, they usually don’t have a semantic meaning at all. The power and effectiveness of a Mantra lies rather in the specific sound or sounds that are uttered.

Nevertheless, apart from religious and spiritual applications, Mantras are also used in traditional medicine healing practices, such as in Tibetan Mantra Healing (Ngak Cho). It’s thought that certain sounds through their specific frequencies and vibrations can alleviate or cure illnesses and imbalances of body, energy, and mind.

In Tibet, there are many different types of Mantras used for a variety of physical, psychological, and mental health conditions. Mind that Mantras are often repeated for a very specific number of times, depending on the goal of usage. Mantra Healing can be practiced by and for oneself, or by a practitioner (in Tibet, called the Ngakpa [male] or Ngakma [female]) who uses them for the benefits of others.

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A Mantra Healing treatment can be used as is, stand-alone, or in conjunction with other treatments, such as herbal medicine, cupping, acupuncture, or Tibetan Ku Nye Massage, among other combinations.

Another important application of Tibetan Mantra Healing is the use of Mantras to empower, enhance, or detoxify herbs, foods and drinks. That is, during the preparation of food or herbal mixtures, Mantras are chanted i.e. recited to increase healing properties.

But, the use of Mantras in Tibet has more applications, like being written and stored in amulets to be protected from bad luck, accidents, injury, or negative spiritual energies. Or, Mantras being written on paper and then burned for healing or purification purposes. Or, reciting Mantras to purify or initiate a house or working environment.

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