Tao Massage According to Russell and Kolb

Published: Aug 21, 2020 | Revised: Jan 26, 2024
Written by: Marce Ferreira

The Tao-Massage According to Russell and Kolb

The Tao-Massage (also written Tao Massage) was developed in the 1980s by Stephen Russell (United Kingdom) and Jürgen Kolb (Germany). Taoist and Tantric philosophy and concepts, meditation practices, Prana or Qi Energy flow, Meridian theory, Yin-Yang, and Wu Wei play an import role in this full body massage modality.

Take note that, although there are obvious similarities, the Tao-Massage shouldn’t be confused with the Taoist Erotic Massage developed by Joseph Kramer, which sometimes is also called Tao Massage.

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The Tao Massage is a profound massage, a kind of meditation as it were, to achieve a perfectly harmonious state of mind and body. The idea is that when the body comes to rest, the mind also becomes calm. Touch and massage is used to stimulate internal energy flow, using strokes and manipulation along the Energy Meridians.

Like the Tantra Massage, the Tao-Massage is a sensual holistic full-body massage, which includes massaging the genitals. Nevertheless, erogenous and pleasure zones are not given special attention, they are seen as a natural part of the rest of the body. Sexual stimulation or achieving an orgasm is not the goal of this massage treatment.

Benefits of the Tao-Massage are thought to be a state of inner calm, feeling grounded and balanced, relaxation of the muscles, skin and connective tissue, improvement of flexibility and mobility, stimulation of blood circulation and strengthening of the nervous system. Additionally, it’s thought to help in lowering high blood pressure and wound healing.

The massage is given unclothed, on a massage mat on the floor or on a massage table, and the therapist typically uses some massage oil. Mind that the Tao-Massage is a structured massage, given in a very precise order with certain predefined steps and sequences.

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