Thai Massage | What to Expect After a Treatment Session?

Published: Nov 16, 2021 | Revised: Apr 8, 2023
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Thai Massage | What to Expect After a Treatment Session

Immediately after a Thai Massage treatment session you may feel in trance, tired, relaxed, or perhaps the total opposite: extremely invigorated. Some people are sleepy or drowsy, others feel coldish, or by contrast hot or overheated, or completely overwhelmed.

The Thai Massage therapist will make sure to give you the space and opportunity to rest a bit and calm down before leaving the session location. Often you would also want to go to the toilet to urinate; this is a natural result of a Thai Massage session, especially if there was a lot of massage of the feet and legs involved.

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Depending on the therapist you may get a cup of Ginger tea offered, which is a custom often used in Thailand. Ginger is a so-called “hot herb” and stimulates the blood circulation, as such aiding in benefitting from the massage.

In general, it’s advised to take it easy after a massage session, specifically if it was a therapeutic treatment or a longer session. It’s surely not the idea to do some intense sports activity afterwards or hard physical work. If strong emotional or trauma release has occurred during the treatment, you may even need several days to digest the work and rebalance body and mind.

The short-term effects of Thai Massage vary per individual and may be felt up to a week later. This can take many forms: mood swings, better sleep (or perhaps restlessness while sleeping), experiencing muscle soreness, tiredness, feeling energetic, having more flexibility and range of motion, feeling highs or lows, activeness or passiveness, among other things.

Most people will have found a new equilibrium within five to seven days, but exceptions can be the case where one needs ten to fourteen days to digest the work. Don’t forget to ask the therapist if you can contact them to give feedback, or to ask questions with regard to the after-period.

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