Thai Massage Training Courses and Workshops in Cyprus

Published: Feb 5, 2020 | Updated: Jul 15, 2021

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Thai Massage Training Courses and Workshops in Cyprus

Cyprus, officially the Republic of Cyprus, is an island in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea and a member of the European Union. The population is about 2 million souls, and the official languages are Greek and Turkish, although English is widely spoken. The capital of the island is Nicosia.

The island doesn’t have a large Thai Massage training scene or community of its own, but this is compensated by Thai Massage teachers from Greece who regularly visit the island to give training courses and workshops.

For what it is, below we’ve listed schools and trainers that offer traditional Thai Massage training in Cyprus.

Ambiental Touch


Ambiental Touch offers a lifestyle concept for the local community and visitors of Cyprus, with a team of experienced therapists, healers, trainers and teachers. The team provides conte [ Read more ... ]

Hammock Wellness Centre


The Hammock Wellness Centre is a Massage Clinic run by the owner and founder of Hammock Centre, Elina Elia. Elina is also an instructor of Thai Massage and includes Massage Certificatio [ Read more ... ]

Kalin Nenkov


Kalin Nenkov is a Thai Massage instructor based in Sofia (Bulgaria), affiliated with the Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai, Thailand (TMC). [ Read more ... ]

Made in Massage Therapy


Made in Massage Therapy, founded by Nicolae Prip, is a massage center and massage school located in Cyprus, providing professional massage and training concepts that provides knowledge [ Read more ... ]

Nicola Dickenson | Thai Massage Healing Courses


Nicola Dickenson, originally from Wales but now based on Cyprus, is a Multi Discipline Therapist, Teacher and a Co-founder of Ambiental Touch. She's a member of the Thai Healing Al [ Read more ... ]

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