Thai Massage Training Courses and Schools in London

Published | Updated February 5, 2019

Thai Massage Training Courses and Schools in London
Founded by the Romans more than 2000 years ago, London is the capital and most populous city of the United Kingdom (Great Britain).

London is a leading global city in the arts, entertainment, finance, culture, services, education, healthcare, and also the world's largest financial center. The urban population is about 9 million people and the greater metropolitan area hosts about 14 million inhabitants, making it one of the largest European metropolitan areas.

The city hosts a variety of renown landmarks, such as the Tower of London, the Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey, the St Margaret's Church, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Piccadilly Circus, St Paul's Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, and more.

The UK boasts a fair amount of Thai Massage teachers and training centers of which many offer training in London. In this article we display an overview of the Traditional Thai Massage schools and training course centers we've found in London city.

Andrea Baglioni
Andrea is a senior Sunshine Network teacher from Italy. He offers Thai Yoga Massage courses in London and in the Sunshine Network Lahu Village (Thailand). He also authorizes new Su [More info...]

Cosmo Thai Yoga
Cosmo (Julian Cosmo Kemp) is a Yoga teacher and an ITM Chiang Mai affiliated Thai Massage instructor. He offers Thai Massage courses in various countries around the globe. [More info...]

Daniel Hoang
Daniel Hoang is a Thai massage practitioner and teacher based in London. [More info...]

David Leach
[More info...]

Ebodhi is an online massage education platform. [More info...]

Felicity Keebaugh
Felicity Keebaugh is Sunshine Network Thai Yoga Massage teacher and therapist specialized in Sen Theory and Abdominal Massage. Her base is in the United Kingdom, but she also trave [More info...]

Gateway Workshops
Gateway Workshops, founded in 1998, offers Massage and Beauty courses for all levels, and also CPD courses for existing therapists. [More info...]

Howard Evans
Howard Evans is a bodywork therapist working in London and provides Craniosacral and Thai Massage courses. Additionally, Howard is the author of the book “A Myofascial Approa [More info...]

Jag Lysander Reaves
Jag Lysander Reaves offers a variety of treatments and training in massage and bodywork. Additionally, he’s specialized in Shamanic Healing. [More info...]

James Thai Massage
James is based in London and offers one- and two-day courses and workshops in Traditional Thai Massage, for both beginner and more advanced levels. Additionally, he also gives Thai [More info...]

Lazy Yoga
Lazy Yoga offers Thai Massage training in London. [More info...]

London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage
The London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage (LITYM) is founded in 2005 by Natasha de Grunwald. Natasha teaches courses and workshops in Thai massage and bodywork. She’s also a [More info...]

London School of Massage
The London School of Massage in the UK offers a range of professional Diploma Massage Courses, Sports Massage Courses & Postgraduate Courses. [More info...]

London School of Thai Massage
The school, founded by Simon Piers Gall, is located in London, UK (Great Britain). It offers Thai Foot Massage & Reflexology, Thai Herbal Compress Massage (Luk Pra Kob) and Th [More info...]

Massage Shala
Massage Shala is a meeting place in London for a group of experienced massage practitioners to practice, share, experience, and grow. [More info...]

Metta College
The Metta College is Amy Ku Redler’s Thai Yoga Massage school in the UK (United Kingdom). Amy is a Sunshine Network Thai Yoga Massage instructor. [More info...]

Mudita School of Thai Yoga Massage
Ralf Marzen, the founder of Mudita, offers Thai Yoga Massage training courses and is a Sunshine Network affiliated teacher based in London. [More info...]

Nails and Beauty Academy
The Nails and Beauty Academy in London offers a variety of nail, beauty, make-up and massage courses. [More info...]

Paul Brumwell
Paul Brumwell offers Thai Massage and Chi Nei Tsang treatments and training. [More info...]

Quantum Metta School of Massage
The Quantum Metta School of Massage in London offers a variety of both Western and Oriental Massage courses and CPD training modules. [More info...]

Raynor College of Massage & Natural Therapies
Brandon Raynoris the founder of “Raynor Massage” and the principal of Brandon Raynor’s Massage and Natural Therapies School. Brandon travels extensively teaching body [More info...]

Louis Divine is a ITM International Training Massage School, Chiang Mai associated Thai Massage teacher. [More info...]

Shen Mantra Training
The training center is founded by Francesca Canzano-Franklin. Apart from teaching Holistic Massage, Anatomy & Physiology, Pathology, Reflexology, Ayurveda Massage, Sports Massa [More info...]

Simon Piers Gall
Simon Piers Gall is a complementary therapist and teacher in Traditional Thai Massage. He is the founder of the London School of Thai Massage and head tutor, and a former personal [More info...]

Ralf Marzen is the founder of Stillpoint and a Sunshine Network teacher based in London (United Kingdom). [More info...]

Thai Massage & Deep Tissue Massage – Hackney & Tower Hamlets
Spike Warwick is the practitioner and teacher of Thai Massage & Deep Tissue Massage. She offers treatments in Thai Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports massage, Pregnancy Mass [More info...]

Thai Yoga Massage
Thai Yoga Massage is run by Martin Spirogyra and offers Thai Yoga Massage courses and treatments in London, UK. Martin is an ITM Chiang Mai affiliated Thai Massage teacher. [More info...]

Thai-Vedic Massage School
The Thai-Vedic Massage School is founded and run by Stephen Nock. The school offers training courses of Ayurvedic Massage, Deep tissue Massage, and Thai Yoga Massage. Stephen also [More info...]

The Lotus Academy
The Lotus Academy in London offers a broad variety of both Eastern and Western massage and bodywork courses. [More info...]

The School of Thai Yoga Massage
Kira Balaskas is a senior Sunshine Network Thai Yoga Massage teacher based in London (United Kingdom). She is authorized to appoint new Sunshine Network instructors. [More info...]

Therapy Training School
The Therapy Training School offers a wide variety of oriental and western spa, wellness, and therapy bodywork courses across the UK. Live classes and online training. [More info...]

Yoga Say
Helen teaches Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, Osteothai and Dynamic Thai Massage. [More info...]

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