Sunshine Network Thai Yoga Massage Training Courses in the UK

Published | Updated April 15, 2019

Sunshine Network Thai Yoga Massage Training Courses in the UK
The Sunshine Network is one of the largest and most influential Thai Massage training networks in the world. The network was founded by the late Asokananda (Harald Brust) in the 1980s in Thailand.

Today, the Sunshine Network is a loosely coupled international group of Thai Yoga Massage teachers who continue Asokananda’s work and teachings. Headquarters of the network are located in Chiang Rai (Northern Thailand), in the Huey Nam Rin Lahu Village.

Thai Yoga Massage classes, courses and retreats are offered in the Lahu Village and on many other locations around the world, notably in Thailand and in Europe.

In this post we list the Sunshine Network teachers and schools that are based in the UK (United Kingdom). For all Thai Massage schools in the UK, you’re invited to visit our Global training page or to use our Global Filter Engine.

Andrea Baglioni
Andrea is a senior Sunshine Network teacher from Italy. He offers Thai Yoga Massage courses in London and in the Sunshine Network Lahu Village (Thailand). He also authorizes new Su [More info...]

The Bodywisdom School was founded by the sisters Fiona Smith and Nicola Smith and provides accredited professional training courses in northern style Traditional Thai Massage in th [More info...]

Felicity Keebaugh
Felicity Keebaugh is Sunshine Network Thai Yoga Massage teacher and therapist specialized in Sen Theory and Abdominal Massage. Her base is in the United Kingdom, but she also trave [More info...]

Fiona Smith
Fiona Smith is Traditional Thai Massage therapist and teacher and a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher. Together with her sister Nicola Smith she’s a co-founder of The Body [More info...]

Jungle Healing
Marek Gabor is an authorized Sunshine Network Thai Yoga Massage teacher based in the United Kingdom. [More info...]

Metta College
The Metta College is Amy Ku Redler’s Thai Yoga Massage school in the UK (United Kingdom). Amy is a Sunshine Network Thai Yoga Massage instructor. [More info...]

Mudita School of Thai Yoga Massage
Ralf Marzen, the founder of Mudita, offers Thai Yoga Massage training courses and is a Sunshine Network affiliated teacher based in London. [More info...]

The School of Thai Yoga Massage
Kira Balaskas is a senior Sunshine Network Thai Yoga Massage teacher based in London (United Kingdom). She is authorized to appoint new Sunshine Network instructors. [More info...]

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