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Published: Jun 30, 2012
Edited by: Team TB

Cancellation week

The past week was a big mess.

In the last 7 days I had 6 appointment cancellations. Some clients cancelled until further notice and others rescheduled. Sh*t happens, but sometimes it stinks a little too much for my taste.

Last Thursday, a client cancelled her appointment for the next day, Friday — because she had too much work to do. No reschedule for now. This Monday, another client rescheduled from upcoming Friday to Saturday (don’t know why).

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And yesterday an appointment for Saturday cancelled (organizational reasons within the household), and one for Tuesday (due to two appointments at the same time) — both appointments rescheduled to Monday.

And today, well, an appointment for tomorrow rescheduled to next Wednesday (sudden important meeting at the office). And on top of all, just a few minutes ago, the appointment for this evening cancelled (a few hours before the session) due to “unexpected problems at work.” Not rescheduled.

I know this is the life of a healing-practitioner. It appears our appointments are often somewhere lower on “the priority list.” Work and family-life often seem to prevail. And we “suffer” accordingly. Usually I don’t mind — it’s all in the game. Understandable. I know.

But sometimes, well, it just s*cks! And shortly, in about half an hour, I will be leaving to a last minute appointment. And as it seems the odds this week are slightly against me, I hope I won’t be faced with a closed door…

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