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Published | Updated April 24, 2020

Cancellation week

The past week was a big mess.

In the last 7 days I had 6 appointment cancellations. Some clients cancelled until further notice and others rescheduled. Sh*t happens, but sometimes it stinks a little too much for my taste.

Last Thursday, a client cancelled her appointment for the next day, Friday — because she had too much work to do. No reschedule for now. This Monday, another client rescheduled from upcoming Friday to Saturday (don’t know why).

And yesterday an appointment for Saturday cancelled (organizational reasons within the household), and one for Tuesday (due to two appointments at the same time) — both appointments rescheduled to Monday.

And today, well, an appointment for tomorrow rescheduled to next Wednesday (sudden important meeting at the office). And on top of all, just a few minutes ago, the appointment for this evening cancelled (a few hours before the session) due to “unexpected problems at work.” Not rescheduled.

I know this is the life of a healing-practitioner. It appears our appointments are often somewhere lower on “the priority list.” Work and family-life often seem to prevail. And we “suffer” accordingly. Usually I don’t mind — it’s all in the game. Understandable. I know.

But sometimes, well, it just s*cks! And shortly, in about half an hour, I will be leaving to a last minute appointment. And as it seems the odds this week are slightly against me, I hope I won’t be faced with a closed door…

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