Doing Thai Massage Professionally

Published | Updated September 21, 2019

Doing Thai Massage Professionally
Doing Traditional Thai Massage professionally is of course more than taking a few months of Thai Massage training courses, opening a practice, and start giving massage sessions.

As with any other massage or bodywork profession, there are many aspects that come up, need attention, practice and experience, such as administrative, legal & financial issues, client intake, sessions & follow-ups, ethics and etiquette, the working ambience and environment, continuing education & personal growth, and work related stress, to name some of the things we need to deal with when we are massage therapists.

Additionally, with doing Thai Massage as a profession, we enter a very specific domain – it’s an ancient, extremely versatile, and multi-style modality, a traditional healing art that includes spiritual and meditative connotations, needs an open heart and mind, a lot of experience and dedication, and a very particular kind of outlook.

To support, guide, and empower both new and seasoned Thai Massage therapists and masseurs, we’ve written an in-depth, pragmatic, and no-nonsense eBook based on seven years of practicing Thai Massage professionally. It’s a practical, real-life guide about the art, actual practice, and true spirit of Traditional Thai Massage.

In the book we cover the Thai Massage art itself – including its place within the broader realm of the traditional Thai Healing Arts – we talk about the clients, the therapist, the sessions, methods and techniques, and therapy aspects. And furthermore, we extensively discuss the spiritual characteristics and spirit in which Thai Massage is or should be given.

With Professional Thai Massage we have created a down-to-earth, cut-to-the-chase companion giving Thai Massage therapists important tips, pointers and support to keep doing their jobs professionally, responsibly, and joyfully.

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