Thai Massage Schools and Training Courses in Vienna | Wien

Published | Updated February 11, 2019

Thai Massage Schools and Training Courses in Vienna | Wien
Vienna (Wien in German) is the capital and largest city of Austria, with a population of about 2 million people. The city is the cultural, economic, and political center of the country.

Vienna hosts a number of major international organizations, like for instance the United Nations and OPEC. The city is located in the east of Austria, close to the borders with the Czech Republic, with Slovakia, and Hungary.

A particularity of Thai Massage in Austria is the fact that the words "Massage" and "Masseur" are protected and reserved for physiotherapy practices. As a consequence, you'll find that many schools (and spas) offering Thai Massage in Austria speak about "Nuad Thai" or at best perhaps "Thai Yoga Massage."

Anyway, below we've displayed the list of Thai Massage schools and training centers we've spotted in Vienna (Wien).

Ayurvedayoga offers Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage training in a variety of cities in Austria. [More details...]

Alexandra Petz is a Reiki and Thai Massage practitioner and teacher based in Vienna. [More details...]

Institut für Ganzheitliches Lernen
The Institut für Ganzheitliches Lernen in Vienna offers Tuina courses, Guasha, TCM, Thai Yoga Massage training, and more. [More details...]

Manus, based in Vienna, offers a vast range of massage, bodywork, and complementary therapies training courses, including Thai Yoga Massage. [More details...]

Nuad is founded by Eva Alagoda-Coeln. Eva is also a co-founder of the Nuad-Austria association. Course offerings from Nuad are in the lineage of ITM Chiang Mai and Old medicine [More details...]

Nuad Imeinklang
Nuad Imeinklang in Vienna, founded by Johanna Goldmann, offers a variety of complementary therapy treatments and additionally also Thai Massage workshops. [More details...]

NUAD THAI Massage Schule Innsbruck
NUAD THAI Massage Schule Innsbruck in Austria offers Thai Massage, Thai Foot Massage and Thai Oil massage courses in Innsbruck and Vienna (Wien). [More details...]

Robert Henderson
Robert is a Sunshine Network Thai Yoga Massage instructor based in Vienna, Austria. [More details...]

Shima Yoga
Shima Yoga in Vienna offers Yoga Classes and Thai Yoga Massage workshops and treatments. Shima is an ITM Chiang Mai affiliated Thai Massage teacher. [More details...]

Thai Massage Wien
[More details...]

Veni Labi
Veni Labi is a Sunhshine Network Yoga Massage teacher from Austria. She has been offering professional trainings for practitioners in a gentle, meditative & flowing form o [More details...]

Petra Sumser is the owner and lead teacher of Viennabodywork, Austria. She offers a variety of Thai Yoga Massage courses and workshops. [More details...]

Yogazentrum Ashtangavienna
Yogazentrum Ashtangavienna in Austria offers Yoga training and Thai Yoga Massage treatments and courses. [More details...]

ZensipTraining in Vienna (Wien), founded by Sylvain Audureau, offers a broad variety of Thai Traditional bodywork and massage training. Sylvain is a certified ASB Ancient Siame [More details...]

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