Thai Massage Schools and Courses in Andalusia | Spain

Published | Updated September 28, 2019

Traditional Thai Massage Schools and Courses in Andalusia | Spain
Andalusia is an autonomous community in the southern part of Spain. Important and well-known cities in the region are Almería, Cádiz, Córdoba, Granada, Huelva, Jaén, Málaga and Seville.

The region has a very rich culture and strong identity, and many cultural highlights internationally recognized as “typical” Spanish, like for instance the Flamenco dance, are basically Andalusian in origin.

Southern Andalusia, notably the area around Malaga, including Marbella and Fuengirola, is an important tourist destination and an absolute hot-spot for spas, resorts, wellness centers, complementary and alternative healing arts and medicine.

Thai Massage and Thai Massage training centers are likewise very present, as you will see in the overview and descriptions below.

For Thai Massage schools and teachers in other regions of Spain, visit our Spain Overview Page.

Centro Quiromas

The Quiromas center in Málaga offers training in a variety of natural therapies such as reflexology, Osteopathy, holistic massage, and Traditional Thai Massage.

Daniel Burgoa

Daniel Burgoa, active in Granada and Úbeda, offers Osteopathy, Thai Massage, Thai Tok Sen, and Bach flowers remedies. Now and again, he also offers Thai traditional massage training courses.

Escuela de Estudios Naturistas (ESEN)

The Escuela de Estudios Naturistas, located in Granada, offers a variety of both Oriental and Western holistic and alternative medicine training courses.

Escuela MasterNatura

Escuela MasterNatura in Cordoba offers a rich variety of both Oriental and Western holistic and alternative medicine training courses, including Traditional Thai Massage.

Escuela Shantala

Escuela Shantala, active in Marbella and Malaga, provides a broad range of alternative therapies, massage and holistic bodywork trainings.

Escuela Sur de Quiromasaje

Escuela Sur de Quiromasaje offers a range of holistic bodywork and massage training courses and workshops in Marbella.

Marcos Redondo

Marcos Redondo offers Thai Massage training courses at a variety of venues in Spain. He’s an affiliated Thai Massage instructor of Ong’s Thai Massage School in Chiang Mai.

Masaje Tai Málaga

Masaje Tai Málaga, operated by Juan Miguel de la Fuente, offers Thai Massage training, among other bodywork courses.


NaturaClass is an ITEC School in Fuengirola offering a broad variety of Massage & Natural Therapies training programs.

Nuad Boran Escuela de Masaje Tailandés

The Thai Massage school Nuad Boran Escuela de Masaje Tailandés is active in Cordoba and Fuengirola and run by David Vilches and Ar Jan Oi.


Quirodemiactm offers a variety of both Western and Oriental massage and bodywork training modalities in Antequera, Malaga, and Torre del Mar.

Renova Thermal

Renova Thermal is a Spa & Wellness training provider active in Malaga and Marbella.

Thai Spirit

Thai Spirit is a Traditional Thai Massage training provider in Cadiz. The school offers an interesting variety of Thai Massage training levels.

Yalorde Yoga

Yalorde Yoga, based in Granada, is run by Guenther Schauer and Ludisis Mones Castellanos. The center offers Yoga classes and Thai Massage training courses and retreats in Spain and in a variety of countries around the world.

Yoga Therapy Marbella

Yoga Therapy Marbella, run by Ioana, offers Yoga and Thai Massage training courses and classes. Ioana is a TMC Chiang Mai affiliated Thai Massage instructor.

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