Thai Massage is Yoga, Stretches and Massage

Published | Updated April 14, 2020
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Thai Massage is Massage also

Traditional Thai Massage gives us this abundantly rich and exotic set of tools and techniques, notably things such as advanced Yoga-like stretches, and we often tend to forget that Thai Massage is also massage.

When we first learn Thai Massage there’s lots of focus on techniques, say, on assisted stretches, fancy Yoga-poses, acupressure (points), position, transitions and of course — working the Sen Energy Lines. Yes. But you know, there’s still a place for massage there. Just massage.

Not because Thai Massage is called Thai Massage, but because “just massage” has its own ends. It means touching, kneading, tapping, rubbing, plucking, pushing, pulling, soothing, gliding, and stroking in order to relieve muscle tension and loosen up joints in a gentle and rhythmic fashion.

It means using “classic” techniques like effleurage (stroking and gliding), friction, petrissage (grabbing and lifting, genuinely kneading, rolling), tapotement (chopping or drumming) and vibration (rapidly shaking an area with the hand or fingers).

I know it’s a tough job to cover the whole range and depth of Thai Massage methods and techniques. I know it takes years of continuous learning, practicing and in-depth experience. It’s quite an enterprise to become a complete practitioner.

But still, just a little reminder that Thai Massage is Massage… also!

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