Thai Herbal Compress Massage Courses and Classes on Phuket

Published | Updated April 15, 2019
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Thai Herbal Compress Massage Courses and Classes on Phuket
Besides Traditional Thai Massage, Thai Oil Massage, and Thai Foot Massage & Reflexology courses and classes, training in Thai Herbal Compress massage is quite popular in Thailand.

Many Thai Massage training centers in Thailand offer Thai Herbal Ball Compress Massage courses or workshops in addition to their general Thai Massage course programs.

The list below is an overview of Thai Massage schools and trainers on Phuket Island that offer Thai Herbal Compress (or packs) training. For detailed provider filtering, you may visit our Training in Thailand page.

Massage School Phuket

Located in Phuket Town, the school offers a range of training courses, such as Thai Foot Massage, Thai Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage, Thai Herbal Compress Massage, and Thai Traditional Massage, b [Read More...]

Natural Thai Spa

A full service Spa salon near Patong Beach, but the establishment offers a variety of Thai Massage and Spa Training also. Has a small offering of Spa products in their local shop (creams, gels, oils). [Read More...]

Phuket Health Spa Retreat & Accommodation

Also known as the Kata Beach Spa Resort, the place offers Thai Cooking, Thai Herbal Compress Massage (Luk Pra Kob) and Thai Massage (Nuad Thai) courses. [Read More...]

Phuket Traditional Thai Massage School

This training center in Phuket Town offers Thai Foot Massage & Reflexology, Thai Massage and Thai Oil Massage & Aromatherapy training. The school also offers in-depth accredited Thai Medicin [Read More...]

Shino Spa

The Shino Spa on Phuket offers Spa & Wellness Treatments and Training Courses, such as Thai Facial Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Thai Herbal Compress Massage, Thai Massage, Swedish Massage and Spor [Read More...]

SPA Cenvaree Spa & Training Academy

SPA Cenvaree operates many Spa & Wellness centers across Thailand. The Academy trains Thai therapists, providing them with anatomy knowledge, treatment skills, guest service and spa standards. Cou [Read More...]

Suai Spa School

The school near Patong Beach is a sister school of the Suai Thai Massage School and focused on courses of spa modalities like Thai Facial Massage, Thai Herbal Compress Massage, Thai Massage, and Thai [Read More...]

Sukko Spa Resort

Located on Phuket Island, the Cultural Spa Resort offers training in Thai Facial Massage, Thai Foot Massage & Reflexology, Thai Herbal Compress Massage, Krabi Krabong, Thai Massage, Thai Oil Mass [Read More...]

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