Kizhi Bolus Therapy | Ayurvedic Herbal Ball Massage

Published: Mar 28, 2021 | Updated: Jul 3, 2021

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Kizhi Bolus Therapy | Ayurvedic Herbal Ball Massage

A Kizhi Bolus Massage is a full body or partial body massage done with a herbal compress or cotton herbal ball (bolus). The compress (also called poultice) is usually applied hot or warm, but cold applications may be the case also depending on what exactly is treated.

Other common names for this type of fomentation therapy or sweat inducing Ayurvedic massage are Pinda Sweda Massage and Potli Massage. The herbal compress typically contains heated herbal powders, herbal oils, fresh or dry herbs, rice or sand, and depending on what is used within the compress (or bolus) the Kizhi massage is classified differently.

For instance, when dry powder herbs are used, the Kizhi is called PodiKizhi (Podi Kizhi) or ChoornaKizhi (Churna Kizhi). Then again, when fresh herbal leaves, twigs or roots are used, it would be called ElaKizhi (Ela Kizhi). And NjavaraKizhi (Njavara Kizhi) is the application with a special kind of boiled rice in milk. ManalKizhi (Manal Kizhi) finally, uses sand particles in the bolus.

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Kizhi herbal compress therapy helps to remove toxins out of the body, improves blood and lymph circulation, relaxes, invigorates and rejuvenates.

Other health benefits may include reduction of inflammation, alleviation of insomnia, stimulation of the immune system, relief of general muscular pains and stiffness, improvement of mobility and flexibility, skin toning, alleviation of arthritis and rheumatism, weight reduction, reduction of stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue, among a range of other benefits.

A Kizhi herbal poultice session usually takes between thirty minutes and one hour. After the treatment, the receiver may take a hot water bath.

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