Taoist Tantra Massage Explained

Published: Dec 30, 2022
Edited by: Team TB

Taoist Tantra Massage Explained

You may sometimes see the term Taoist Tantra Massage as a treatment offering, but this is not really a specific type of massage, yet rather a massage-blend that mixes Tantric and Taoist elements in a treatment session.

That may seem odd and inconsistent, but there are good reasons for why that happened. In fact, Taoism and Tantra both see sexual energy as an expression of creative Life Energy (Qi or Prana) and use sexual energy to increase Life Force, overcome sexual trauma and inhibitions, nurture spiritual advancement, and stimulate better health and longevity.

As a whole, when one studies the concepts of Indian-Hindu Tantra and Chinese Taoism one will find rather similar core ideas. As such, it isn’t peculiar at all that methods and techniques have been borrowed from both practices to create the variety of the East-West sexual, genital, and sensual massages we know today.

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