Tantric Sex | For Singles, Couples, and Groups

Published: Aug 16, 2022 | Revised: Jan 10, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Tantric Sex | For Singles, Couples, and Groups

It’s often thought that Tantric Sex practices is only about couples. Well, it’s true that in quite some cases training and retreats are setup as such, but in the end, to be fair to Tantra, Tantric Sex is actually about uniting male and female (sexual) energies, and not so much about uniting partners or couples. Nonetheless, Tantric Sex can be deployed as a form of Sex Coaching or Intimacy Coaching, but it’s not really about that.

It’s indeed easier to work with a partner, that is, with someone who predominantly radiates (or possesses) the opposite type of energy and can mirror one’s emotions, needs, and desires. It’s often a more straightforward way “to get to know oneself,” being able to work on those things that need to be worked on.

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Nevertheless, each individual has both female and male energies (i.e. qualities) in their “system.” Nobody is only male or female. Often, one of those energies is overly dominant, and Tantra aims at giving the tools and techniques to balancing out and uniting those opposite energies within oneself. Tantra is about achieving non-duality in duality, and aims at wholeness and equilibrium.

In fact, many techniques in Tantric Sex (aka Sexual Yoga) can be carried out alone, without the help of a partner. Think of practices like Tantric Breathwork, Mantra recitations, Bandhas, Semen Retention, massage, Kundalini Awakening, Chakra work, conscious masturbation, visualization, meditation, Pujas, and many other modalities that don’t necessarily need a partner. Moreover, practicing alone can prepare oneself to engage better in Tantric Sex with a partner.

You see, Tantric Sex fits perfectly well in the Tantric stance, meaning that nothing and nobody is excluded; Tantric Sex can be carried out alone, with a partner or partners, within a group, or under guidance of a Tantra teacher.

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