Tantra Training Providers, Courses and Workshops in Singapore

Published July 19, 2020 | Updated July 19, 2020

Tantra Training Providers, Courses and Workshops in Singapore

In Singapore, you’ll find just a small number of Tantra trainers and training courses, and what they offer is rather diverse.

The scope of Tantric practices is very broad and this we always see reflected in the offerings of individual Tantra teachers or schools. Some only give Tantric Massage training courses and classes, others only occupy themselves with Sexuality Counseling, Coaching, or Tantra Yoga, Tantra philosophy, or Tantra Meditation, Tantric Sex, Dance, Breathwork, and such, and some offer a mix of all that.

In any case, to make a long and complicated story short, what you’ll find in this post is a mix of various Tantra trainings and workshops as we’ve encountered being offered in Singapore.

Tantric Trainings in Singapore

Eros Coaching
Dr. Martha Tara Lee is a relationship counselor, sexologist, and sexuality educator from Singapore. [ ... ]
iTransform is run by Angie who is a Tantric orgasmic breath & intimacy coach and speaker working mainly with busy professionals. [ ... ]
Joe’s Massage Therapy and Training
Joe's Massage Therapy and Training offers Tantric Massage treatments and trainings in Malaysia and Singapore. [ ... ]
KC+ Massage
KC+ Massage is specialized in Yoni Massage and was founded by Mr. Kenny Chan. KC+Massage has its roots in the more traditional Indian Tantric Yoni Massage, making KC's Yoni Massage [ ... ]
Meditative Sensual Massage for Women
Meditative Sensual Massage for Women, founded by Mike, offers sensual Tantric Massage experiences. Mike also offers Sensual Massage trainings. [ ... ]
Retreat Kula
Kula is a Yoga community comprised of yoga practitioners, yoga teachers, organisers, group leaders, tour operators, volunteers, hosts and guides. Goal is to unite the world through the [ ... ]
Space 2B
Space 2B in Singapore hosts a range of classes and trainings in holistic therapies, and additionally offers a variety of traditional, complementary and alternative massage and bodywork [ ... ]
Tantra Path
Tantra Path, since 2006 in Singapore and run by Christina, offers Tantra sessions, Tantra & Meditation Programs and Tantra training courses. [ ... ]
Tantra with Uma
Uma Furman is one of the world’s leading somatic sex educators, with over 5,000 hours of face-to-face teaching to individuals, couples, and groups. Based in Brisbane, Australia, Uma t [ ... ]
Tantric Asia
Tantric Asia was founded by a Western Male Therapist, trained in both Yoni and Lingam Massage and been practicing it for over a decade. He works in a variety of Asian countries, helping [ ... ]
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