Sex Machines and Thrusters | Adult Toy

Published: Jul 3, 2022 | Revised: Apr 19, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Sex Machines and Thrusters | Adult Toy

© Image by David Kadavy

Sex machines are automated or mechanical tools and devices typically used to simulate sexual intercourse, but also used for some other sexual practices.

These type of devices can be penetrative or, by contrast, extractive. Penetrative machines come in some varieties, such as fucking machines (for instance, where the person sits on it or kneels in front of it), drilldos (handheld penetrative machine-dildos or thrusters), and handheld fucksaws.

Extractive sex machines, also called milking machines, are attached to the penis, testicles, breasts, or other body part.

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