Rusie Datton Training Courses in Tokyo | Japan

Published: Oct 24, 2018
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Rusie Datton Training Courses in Tokyo | Japan

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Rusie Datton (Thai Ascetic Hermit Stretching Yoga) is immensely popular in Japan. It’s perhaps Thailand’s most successful Thai Healing Arts export product in Japan after Thai Massage.

It’s interesting to see that the Japanese Thai Massage schools in Thailand are often experts in giving Rusie Daton training, but the same counts for the Thai Massage training centers in Japan.

In this article we’ll take a look at the Traditional Thai Massage training schools in Tokyo (the capital city of Japan) that offer Rusie Datton (aka Ruesi Datton, Lucy Dutton, or Rusie Dutton) courses.


Hanayoga is a Siam Health Culture Center (SHCC, Thailand) affiliated Rusie Datton training center. She’s authorized to provide the Rusie Datton Foundation (43 poses, 15 hours) and Rusie Datton Advanced course (59 poses, 20 hours) from the SHCC.

ITM Shibuya Nuad Life School (Om Namo)

Om Namo offers Basic, Advanced and Instructor Training in Reusi Datton according ITM Chiang Mai style. The school also offers options to take an online Rusie Datton course over Skype.


Korat offers weekly Rusie Datton classes (1 hour classes) in a yoga studio in Tokyo, but on request the classes can be given at home also.

Misono Therapist School

Misono offers a variety of Thai and other bodywork courses, including Rusie Datton training.

Rusie Datton School of Japan

The Rusie Datton School of Japan is a specialist in Rusie Datton training. The school offers ongoing Basic, Advanced, Applied and Instructor Training Rusie Datton courses and classes, videos, books, and the like.

Thai Massage School of Japan

The Thai Massage School of Japan offers the same training programs as its sister school the Rusie Datton School of Japan.

The Nuad Bo Rarn School Japan

The Nuad Bo Rarn School offers a 1-day, 6 hours Rusie Datton course teaching 54 poses.

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