The Role of Touch in De-Armoring Treatments

Published: Jun 1, 2024 | Revised: Jun 3, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Massage therapy manipulation of the head and face

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Touch usually plays an important role in Body De-Armoring (commonly written as Body Dearmouring), but it depends very much on the specific De-Armoring treatment modality how, how much, and what kind of touch is used.

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For instance, some De-Armoring modalities are heavily based on massage therapy through which therapists apply plenty of pressure, acupressure, stretches, or other massage techniques to induce emotional and trauma release.

Then again, other treatment modalities may only moderately use massage-like touch or soft touch, or merely encourage clients to use touch on themselves in order to feel, experience, and promote increased body awareness with an aim to reconnect with their bodies.

Sometimes touch is only used as a way of showing understanding, or consoling clients and expressing empathy and sympathy. It may simply involve embracing clients, or gently placing a hand on their shoulder when they feel sad, distressed, or are mentally revisiting traumatic experiences.

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Some De-Armoring practitioners predominantly work with the client’s biofield (the energetic field that’s thought to surround the body) through energy work, and may only lightly place their hands on certain parts of the body to guide energy flow or open-up energy pathways.

At any rate, a general rule is that De-Armoring is somatic work, that is, mind-body work in which the client’s cognitive, emotional, and physical experiences all have equal value and are equally important.

Hence, you will see that De-Armoring therapists typically work with a holistic approach and will aim at addressing these different aspects of the human experience in their sessions.

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