Promoting Thai Massage Training Courses and Workshops

Published: Sep 21, 2020 | Revised: Jan 26, 2024
Written by: Marce Ferreira

Promoting Thai Massage Training Courses and Workshops

Building your own Thai Massage school or institute is perhaps one of the hardest parts of being (or becoming) a Thai Massage teacher.

But, what to say here? What counts for many businesses also counts for a Thai Massage educational enterprise. You will need to promote your work using a variety of channels, such as your personal network, your own and others’ Social Media, Google Ads, and your website.

It sounds a bit old fashioned, but having business cards and flyers and placing those at relative organizations or businesses, such as in Yoga schools, Muay Thai schools, Fitness centers, Bio-Shops, Retreat Hosting centers, and so on, can really help to get your trainings into the picture locally.

Another idea to start getting some attention is try to get your massage training courses hosted by existing establishments, like for instance at places mentioned in the paragraph above. The advantage of such an approach is that you could profit from their customer base who’d they inform of your course or workshop via their social media and/or via announcements in their school or institute premises.

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There are also known global event sites where you could publish your Thai Massage training event. Some big names in the industry are EventBrite, Meetup,, BookRetreats, and, just to give some examples. Facebook can be a good place too, because there are quite some large Thai Massage Facebook groups around and some of those allow you to promote your upcoming trainings. Just type in “Thai Massage” or “Thai Yoga Massage” in the Facebook Group Finder.

Again another way to try to get your foot in the door is to try organizing your workshops at big events, such as regional, national or international massage, bodywork, AcroYoga, and Yoga events. You will need to use your network here or need to bring something special to get a chance.

Don’t underestimate the power of your own work as a therapist; this can give you opportunities to launch yourself as a teacher. In fact, before I started teaching myself, I had various request from clients who asked me if I could also teach the Thai Massage sessions I gave them.

In any case, there’s rarely a shortcut to be found here. It simply means hard work to build yourself a name and a thriving Thai Yoga Massage teaching practice.

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