Lingam Massage Treatments in Cape Town

 Published October 22, 2020 | Updated October 22, 2020

Lingam Massage Treatments in Cape Town

A Lingam Massage is a Neo-Tantric Manhood genital massage treatment based on Indian Tantric philosophy and concepts, taken up by the West, and developed into an erotic sexual massage healing modality.

It’s not a massage with a Happy Ending per se, that’s not the goal of the treatment (but it can occur), and it’s typically part of a full body Tantric Massage. Besides working with the complete body, the masseur or masseuse applies acupressure on and around the penis, testicles, inner thighs, perineum and groin. Some therapist include a prostate massage and/or G-Spot prostate massage.

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A Lingam Massage treatment is pleasurable, but it can be a therapeutic opportunity also, beneficial in healing or alleviating infertility, prostate discomforts, premature ejaculation, impotence, sexual trauma, low libido, as well as relieving anxiety, stress, or depression.

Below you’ll find the list of Tantric Lingam Massage treatment providers we’ve spotted in Cape Town. Mind that these are providers who explicitly mentioned that they offer Lingam Massage.

Some Tantra Massage therapists also offer Lingam Massage as a natural part of their Tantric Massage sessions, but to avoid misunderstandings it’s advised to ask first what exactly is offered.

Lingam Massage Providers in Cape Town

Allure Heavenly Massage and Spa Cape Town
Allure Heavenly Massage Cape Town offers sensual and special touch massages sessions for women, men and couples, including sensual Workshops.​ [ ... ]
Beautiful Pora
Beautiful Pora, founded by Angie, offers a variety of sensual and erotic massages, such as Prostate Massage, Tantric Massage, and Lingam Masage. [ ... ]
Ever Sensual
Ever Sensual in Cape Town offers a variety of sensual erotic massages, such as Lingam Massage, Topless Massage, Nuru Massage, among other treatment modalities. [ ... ]
House of Tantra | Cape Town
House of Tantra offers a range of outcall sensual massages in Cape Town. [ ... ]
Kloud Nine
Kloud Nine is a luxury escorts and sensual massage service in Cape Town offering a range of massage options, such as Tantric Massage, Body to Body Massage, Sensual and Erotic Oil massag [ ... ]
Layla Dream
Layla Dream offers a range of sensual massages, such as Tantra, Lingam, Prostate, Foot fetish and Couples massages. [ ... ]
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