Korean Baby Massage | Goals and Health Benefits

Published: Mar 23, 2022
Written by: Marce Ferreira

Korean Baby Massage | Goals and Health Benefits

Traditional Korean Baby Massage is performed at least for forty days after childbirth, which coincides with the postnatal confinement period of the new mother.

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There are some ancient beliefs that Baby and Infant Massage makes the legs of the baby longer and stronger. Additionally, Baby Massage (notably an Abdominal or Belly Massage) is specifically applied to battle excessive gas, constipation, problematic digestion, and colic.

A characteristic of modern postnatal care in South Korea is the Sanhujori, which is the Korean system of care for postpartum mothers offered at so-called Choriwons (postnatal care clinics).

It’s a culturally specific type of postnatal care; the new mother stays in confinement for about one week to one month. In these facilities there are also services for massage (for mother and baby) and classes on how to take care or massage newborns.

In the past, the above mentioned postnatal care was typically given by the traditional extended family system, but in modern Korea this has almost disappeared.

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