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Published: Jul 26, 2021
Edited by: Team TB

Japanese Okido Yoga | Oki-do

Okido Yoga (or Oki Yoga) was created by the Japanese master Oki Masahiro (1921–1985), and is based on Indian Yoga, Chinese Yin-Yang principles, Martial Arts techniques, Taoism and Japanese Zen. It’s sometimes also referred to as Zen Yoga.

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To be clear: the name Okido has nothing to do with Okey Doke (Okey-dokey or Okidoki), which simply means Okay (Ok). Okido is named after the founder and consists of a merge of Oki (the founder’s name) and Do (meaning way or path, coming from the Chinese Dao or Tao).

The goal of the Okido practice is to help people to reach their full potential in their lives. Oki-do Yoga includes many aspects, such as strengthening, corrective and restorative exercises, laughter, meditation, chanting, Shiatsu, and nutritional directives to come to health and happiness.

The work focuses on four main aspects of human life: nutrition, breath, movement and mind-heart. It also looks at how to work harmoniously with others within society. As such, it’s much more than only physical work, but includes self-inquiry and meditative techniques.

A quote from Oki Masahiro himself may enlighten the aim of Okido Yoga: “There are many ways of purifying the mind and body and opening the eye of the mind. What you must do is, firstly, laugh and have the mind of gratitude and, secondly, give up all your ideas about yourself.”

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