Jamu Massage Postnatal Treatment Providers in Singapore

Published August 19, 2019 | Updated July 20, 2020

Jamu Massage Postnatal Treatments in Singapore
Prenatal and postnatal treatments and services are very popular in Singapore and you’ll find a vast range of providers both in the treatment and training sector.

One of the most sought-after traditional postpartum treatments in Singapore is so-called Jamu Massage. For the background and treatment specifics of this massage – which is much more than a massage only – you may read our previous post Traditional Indonesian Postnatal Jamu Massage.

In short—Jamu Postnatal Massage is a traditional postpartum Malay-Indonesian massage and herbal treatment modality said to be originating in Java (an island of Indonesia) in the 17th century. It’s primarily focused on restoring a mother’s body after pregnancy and delivery. Additionally, Jamu Massage also brings mental, spiritual, and psychological benefits.

In this post, here below, we list the Jamu Massage treatment providers we’ve found in Singapore. Most of these providers also offer other kinds of prenatal and postnatal services, treatments, and massages.

9 Months Javanese Pre & Postnatal Service
9 Months Javanese Pre & Postnatal Service in Singapore offers a variety of prenatal and postnatal treatments and massages, specializing in Indonesian Javanese treatments. [ ... ]
Aesthetic Jamu Spa
Aesthetic Jamu Spa offers Traditional Javanese Massage house-call services in Singapore. For women only. [ ... ]
Established since 2008, AllTenTic in Singapore provides Postnatal Jamu Massage in the comfort of your home. The therapists are certified by the International Therapy Examination Council [ ... ]
Babies Bellies Javanese Massage & Spa
Babies Bellies Javanese Massage & Spa specializes in pre and postnatal massages which can be done at your home or at their place. [ ... ]
Beauty Mums & Babies

Beauty Mums & Babies (BMB) offers services in mother and baby wellness, such as massages and specialized clinics, beauty and slimming treatments, learning skills and knowledge throu [ ... ]
Bodicaire Therapy
Bodicaire Therapy in Singapore offers a range of massage therapies, such as Reflexology, Manhood Therapy, Aromatherapy, Foot Reflexology, Acupressure Massage, Traditional Urut, Swedish [ ... ]
Bodywork Medicare
Bodywork Medicare, based in Singapore, is specialized in mother care. Run by Mrs Helen Chuah, a registered nurse and midwife with 45 years experience, Bodywork Medicare treats pregnancy [ ... ]
Confinement Care Malaysia
Confinement Care Malaysia offers various types of confinement care services, such as Live-in Confinement Services, Day Time Confinement Services, Chinese Confinement Services, Malay Con [ ... ]
Confinement NannySOS
Confinement NannySOS, operating in both Singapore and Malaysia, offers nanny and babysitting services, but also a variety of prenatal and postnatal treatments and massages. [ ... ]
Gladys Care 1987
Gladys Care 1987 serves and meets the needs of new mothers and newborn babies. Gladys provides a joyous and peaceful post-natal recovery at your doorstep, ensuring that during the confi [ ... ]
Hana Bodyworks & Post Natal Wellness
Hana Bodyworks & Post Natal Wellness is a Professional Sports Massage Therapist and Post Natal Therapist in Singapore. Treatments are male to male and female to female. [ ... ]
Healing Hands Therapeutic Massage
Healing Hands Therapeutic Massage in Singapore was founded by Mdm Zuria who is a Professional Massage Therapist with proficiency in Therapeutic Body Massage, PreNatal and PostNatal Mass [ ... ]
Home Massage SG
Home Massage SG in Singapore offers Prenatal massages, Jamu Postpartum treatments services and Vaginal Ganggang Steaming services, among other modalities. [ ... ]
House of Traditional Javanese Massage & Beauty Care
House of Traditional Javanese Massage & Beauty Care is a renowned Javanese Wellness Chain in Singapore operating since 1999. The chain has several branches in Singapore and in Malay [ ... ]
Institute of Aromatherapy Enhancement | Mariati
The Institute of Aromatherapy Enhancement offers treatment services, products and trainings in the spa, massage and wellness branch. [ ... ]
Jari Singapore – Pre & Post Natal Massage
Jari Massage is a registered Singapore company set-up by Aziziah Shariffudin, a trained and licensed traditional massage therapist. Jari Massage provides authentic traditional indo mass [ ... ]
Luana Therapy
Luana Therapy offers an extensive range of home massage services in Singapore, such as therapeutic massage, prenatal and postnatal massages, Javanese Massage, Swedish Massage, among man [ ... ]
Mummy Baby Care
Mummy Baby Care is run by Sin Swan (Sharon). Mummy Baby Care specializes in prenatal and postnatal support for new mothers, providing massage services & breastfeeding advisory suppo [ ... ]
Mummy’s Massage
Mummy's Massage, from founder Salwa Salim, is based in Singapore and provides pregnancy, postpartum and fertility services. Salwa also founded Mummy’s Fertility. [ ... ]
My Urut Urut
My Urut Urut offers a range of massage services in Singapore, such as Javanese Massage, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage, Gua Sha Therapy, Bekam (Cupping Therapy), Maternity [ ... ]
Nik’s Bodywork
Nik's Bodywork, from founder Nik Satunah Adis, is an ITEC certified and Certified Pregnancy Massage Practitioner and offers a range of prenatal and postnatal services and treatment [ ... ]
Nouri Face & Body Concepts
Nouri Face & Body Concepts in Singapore offers beauty services and treatments, including prenatal and postnatal massages and treatments. [ ... ]
Postnatal Massage Singapore
Postnatal Massage Singapore is a specialist in both Prenatal and Postnatal (Postpartum) massages. [ ... ]
Sehap Rashid
Sehap Rashid is a professional massage therapist offering a range of massage services in Singapore, such as Shiatsu, Full Body Javanese Massage & Post Natal Massage, Thai Massage, S [ ... ]
Spa Jelita
Spa Jelita is a luxury spa in Singapore with traditional Arabian customs and modern practices of Aromatherapy and first-class technologically advanced facial treatments. [ ... ]
Suraya Mothercare & Beauty
Suraya Mothercare & Beauty is based in Johor Bahru, but operates services packages in Singapore also. Suraya is specialized in mother and newborn care and helps mother and child thr [ ... ]
The Outcall Spa
The Outcall Spa is a mobile spa with Home and Hotel Spa services in Singapore, offering a range of spa and massage services, including prenatal and postnatal massages. [ ... ]
Theraply is a tech health and wellness company in Singapore. Theraply offers prenatal and postnatal pregnancy services, including Jamu treatments combined with modern technology. [ ... ]
Touch by Oda
Touch by Oda offers Jamu Postpartum treatment services in Singapore, but also sells a variety of Bengkung Belly binding wrap types and designs. [ ... ]
Traditional & Holistic Post-Natal Centre
Established since 2000, Traditional & Holistic Post-Natal Centre is specialized in Jamu Post-Natal Massage & Engorgement Breast Massage to provide personalized after care for mo [ ... ]
Treat Care 4U
Treat Care 4U, by Haji Saat Jais, specializes in Javanese Massage, Sports Massage, Manhood Therapy, Remedial Massage, and Pre & Post Natal Massage. [ ... ]
Warisan Massage & Postnatal Center
Warisan Massage & Postnatal Center is established to assist women of all ages to improve their wellness. Warisan offers services and treatments either at their shop or at home. Spec [ ... ]
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