Malaysian Vaginal Rendam-Rendam Treatment

Published: Aug 4, 2019
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Malaysian Vaginal Rendam-Rendam Treatment

The Malay people consider the reproductive system the elemental life force of the human body and treat it with special care. One of the traditional Malay treatments for women is the so-called Rendam-Rendam herbal treatment which is a Sitz Bath consisting of a blend of sea salt, betel leaves, henna, and (black) Nigella seeds.

It’s an ancient tradition of Malay married women to practice Rendam-Rendam after moments of intimacy, after childbirth, but also after their monthly menstrual period.

After the Sitz Bath washing (taken in a bathtub or special bowl), coconut oil is applied to keep the vagina warm, moist and firm. The treatment can be complemented by using a hot stone which is wrapped in betel leaves and turmeric to alleviate inflammations, shrink the uterus (womb) after childbirth, and strengthen vaginal muscles.

It’s even said that in the past Malay women would go about with a hot herbal stone under their Sarongs. A Sarong, by the way, is clothing consisting of a long piece of cloth wrapped around the body, traditionally worn in Southeast Asia.

Usually, one would sit about ten to twenty minutes in the warm herbal concoction while gently massaging the anal area, perineum, and vulva. It can be taken two to three times a day or as often as advised depending on the reason for doing Rendam-Rendam.

The treatment is also seen as a remedy for specific female problems such as vaginal odor, itching and irritations, vaginal inflammations, meno-pausal pelvic organs prolapse, fungal infections, and excessive vaginal discharge.

It can also benefit and support a better blood circulation and relieve issues around the anal and perineum area, including alleviate or cure piles (hemorrhoids). Note that the perineum is the area between the anus and the vulva for women, and between the anus and the scrotum for men. In this particular scenario, Rendam-Rendam could be applied for/by men also.

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