Vaginal Steaming Treatments in Singapore | V-Spa, Ganggang and Ratus

Published | Updated July 19, 2020
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Vaginal Steaming Treatments in Singapore | V-Spa, Ganggang and Ratus

In past years, Vaginal Steaming treatments have become popular around the globe and Singapore has its own share of treatment providers. In Singapore, with its strong Malaysian and Indonesian influence, you’ll find Vaginal Steaming also mentioned as Ganggang (the Malaysian name), Ratus Spa (the Indonesian name), or simply V-Spa or V-Steaming (the contemporary globally used name).

Traditionally, vaginal steaming or vaginal smoking was common throughout Asia, but it was mostly applied as a postpartum heat and cleansing treatment or as a cleansing treatment after the menstruation. Today, it’s still used in the aforementioned way, but it’s also used simply out of curiosity, by brides to be “clean and fresh” for their wedding nights, to “tighten,” “rejuvenate” and “freshen-up” the vagina, or simply as a regular form of cleansing, to name some of the contemporary applications.

Well, although there’s much discussion nowadays about the pros and cons of vaginal steaming, it doesn’t prevent the modality to stay rather popular. Below you’ll find our selection of vaginal steaming providers in Singapore.

Vaginal Steaming Services in Singapore

9 Months Javanese Pre & Postnatal Service

9 Months Javanese Pre & Postnatal Service in Singapore offers a variety of prenatal and postnatal treatments and massages, specializing in Indonesian Javanese treatments. [ ... ]

Aesthetics Face & Body Spa

Aesthetics Face & Body Spa in Singapore provides professional body and facial services in a relaxing environment. Aim of the treatments are relaxation and recuperation, rejuvenation [ ... ]

Babies Bellies Javanese Massage & Spa

Babies Bellies Javanese Massage & Spa specializes in pre and postnatal massages which can be done at your home or at their place. [ ... ]

Home Massage SG

Home Massage SG in Singapore offers Prenatal massages, Jamu Postpartum treatments services and Vaginal Ganggang Steaming services, among other modalities. [ ... ]

Institute of Aromatherapy Enhancement | Mariati

The Institute of Aromatherapy Enhancement offers treatment services, products and trainings in the spa, massage and wellness branch. [ ... ]

Jitsinee Nit Therapy

Jitsinee Nit Therapy in Singapore offers Thai Healing Arts treatments, especially focused on Thai postpartum treatments. Other modalities offered are slimming treatments, vaginal steami [ ... ]

Mummy’s Fertility

Mummy's Fertility, from founder Salwa Salim, is based in Singapore and provides pregnancy, postpartum and fertility services. Salwa also founded Mummy’s Massage. [ ... ]

Mummy’s Massage

Mummy's Massage, from founder Salwa Salim, is based in Singapore and provides pregnancy, postpartum and fertility services. Salwa also founded Mummy’s Fertility. [ ... ]

Muslimah Fashion & Spa Singapore

Muslimah Fashion & Spa Singapore is a Beauty Therapist running Wellness Day Spa for Ladies To Kids. [ ... ]

Spa By Norfasarie

Spa By Norfasarie is a spa for women only and includes features like an Infra-red sauna, private vitality bath for cosy and intimate SPArty or just having a “Me-time” treat for your [ ... ]

Spa Jelita

Spa Jelita is a luxury spa in Singapore with traditional Arabian customs and modern practices of Aromatherapy and first-class technologically advanced facial treatments. [ ... ]

Suraya Mothercare & Beauty

Suraya Mothercare & Beauty is based in Johor Bahru, but operates services packages in Singapore also. Suraya is specialized in mother and newborn care and helps mother and child thr [ ... ]

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