Healing Shiatsu | Integrating Mindfulness Meditation and Shiatsu

Published: May 5, 2022
Edited by: Team TB

Healing Shiatsu | Integrating Mindfulness Meditation and Shiatsu

Healing Shiatsu is a style of Shiatsu Therapy developed by Sonia Moriceau, a former student of Shiatsu Master Wataru Ohashi, who was the creator of Ohashiatsu. Sonia was also proficient in Mindfulness Meditation practices, which strongly guided her approach to Shiatsu.

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In fact, Healing Shiatsu deeply integrates Mindfulness Meditation and Shiatsu, and emphasis certain qualities or principles in the Shiatsu practitioner to be successful as a therapist.

These qualities include: cultivating an awareness of the body in terms of posture, breathing and energy movements, training the body and taming the mind, and liberating the mind (ego-less approach).

Sonia’s idea was that following the above mentioned principles, the therapist can listen completely to the body of the receiver, let Ki Life Energy flow, and render a deep state of relaxation for the receiver in which physical and psychological healing can occur.

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