Free Yoni Massage Training Guides and Tutorials

Published: Feb 18, 2021 | Revised: Jan 26, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Free Yoni Massage Training Guides and Tutorials

Giving or having a Yoni Massage (some simply label it Vaginal Massage or Pussy Massage) is rather popular, also as a self-massage treatment. As such, you’ll find quite a number of free Tantric Yoni Massage training guides and tutorials on the Internet. In this post, we offer you a selection of some we’ve spotted.

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Nevertheless, keep in mind that learning to do a Yoni Massage from a description is somewhat ambiguous. Massage is a hands-on activity that really needs some serious practice, and guidance of a teacher. Yet, if you want to learn giving a Yoni Massage using a tutorial, keep it very light and gentle, and at least take into account some general massage precautions and contraindications.

I think that enrollment for a online Yoni Massage video course or a live on-line training is already much better than only a written tutorial, but in the end, there’s nothing that can really beat a hands-on in-person massage training course.

Nonetheless, massage theory, health benefits of the massage modality you’d like to master, or a general idea of your preferred massage treatment modality can be shared perfectly well through online and distance learning options or compact training guides and tutorials.

And certainly, if you already know how to massage, it can work just fine to learn a new massage modality via live on-line training, videos, books or tutorials, all very much depending on the type of massage modality.

In any case, here below you’ll find some of the free Yoni Massage guides and tutorials we’ve found. Some are more “Tantric” than others, and you will notice that each guide offers its own interpretation of the practice.

Karma Tantric
The Ultimate Yoni Massage Guide

How to Practice Yoni Massage Therapy: 13 Tips for Solo and Partner Play

The Guide To Tantric Yoni Massage: Techniques, Benefits & Instructions

Bad Girls Bible
Experience Sensual Therapy With These 5 Techniques for a Yoni Massage

Rosie Rees
Yoni Massage Guide: How It Can Give You Multiple Orgasms

Yoni Massage – The #1 Practice for Pleasure, Healing, and Connection

Tantra Yoga LAB
How does Yoni Massage work?

The School of Squirt
Yoni Massage: Everything You Need to Know

How To Give A Yoni Massage: 12 Crucial Steps To Make It Life-Changing For Her

How To Give A Pleasurable Yoni Massage – Awakening A Woman’s Sensuality

How to Give Yourself a Yoni Massage for Serious Sexual Empowerment

The Yoniverse
The Art of Receiving a Yoni Massage

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