Who Needs Tantric Sex?

Published: Aug 17, 2022
Edited by: Team TB

Who Needs Tantric Sex?

Who needs Tantric Sex? Well, it’s a question that requires a multi-faceted answer. But, to begin with: “nobody does and everybody does.” Let me explain this.

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You see, there are many other types of practices, therapies, and treatments that can resolve the typical issues that are addressed in Tantric Sex.

That is, things like more intimacy, a better sex life, an improved relationship with your partner, emotional and sexual trauma release, personal and spiritual growth, genital or reproductive healing, and such, don’t exclusively belong to the Tantric realm. Hence, nobody needs Tantric Sex to work on those topics.

Nevertheless, Tantra offers very particular techniques — many of those are Yogic techniques, by the way — which cannot be found in that specific form in other types of practices or systems. So, it might be that a specific Tantric technique works better or faster for so and so a person than another technique available in other practices.

This is just to say that it may be worthwhile to try Tantric methods and techniques if or when other practices don’t bring the anticipated results. In that sense, Tantric Sex can be a solution for everybody.

Of course, sometimes one is just curious, or simply attracted to the style of work that Tantra offers. Moreover, Tantra in India has already historically positioned itself as a practice for everyone, men and women alike, rich and poor, emphasizing the inclusion of all people, regardless their “place in the Indian caste system.” Everyone is welcome.

And, as already mentioned in our post Tantric Sex – For Singles, Couples, and Groups, Tantric Sex can be practiced in various ways, it doesn’t necessarily need to be carried out with a partner, which makes it a good choice for those who don’t have a partner, or don’t want a partner, or have a partner who’s not attracted by Tantric Sex work.

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