Tsubo Shiatsu | Concepts and Techniques

Published: Jul 30, 2022
Edited by: Team TB

Tsubo Therapy and Acupressure Shiatsu

At the basis of Tsubo Shiatsu Therapy one finds Dr. Hiroshi Ishizuka, who introduced a specific view on Tsubo theory in his lectures.

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He proposed that the Tsubo Pressure Points manipulated in Shiatsu Massage are derived from clear anatomical and physiological points across the body, and states that they represent the body’s physical expression of its current condition, or of its changing homeostasis.

A characteristic feature of Tsubo Shiatsu is the idea that, in every treatment, the therapist can find these Tsubo Pressure Points, while primarily using the thumbs and palms to work on them, and heal or rebalance body and mind.

One of the prominent proponents of Tsubo Shiatsu is Kiyoshi Ikenaga, a direct student of Namikoshi Sensei. Kiyoshi published a well-known book on the topic with the obvious title Tsubo Shiatsu.

In his book, Kiyoshi strongly distances himself from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) concepts by claiming that Shiatsu is an independent healing methodology build on sound scientific concepts, that is, on a modern anatomical and physiological foundation.

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