Ashi-Thai | Integrating Ashiatsu and Thai Massage

Published: Jul 25, 2023 | Revised: Mar 18, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Ashi-Thai | Integrating Ashiatsu and Thai Massage

Ashi-Thai is a clothed Barefoot Massage Therapy (that is, therapists massage their clients with their feet) that combines traditional Thai Massage, Table-Thai Massage, and Ashiatsu techniques, often carried out on a large(r) massage table.

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In fact, Ashi-Thai involves working with the Thai Sib Sen Energy Lines and traditional Thai Massage stretches in a massage modality that uses an overhead bar system (the so-called Ashi Bars) for the therapist’s support, just like in Ashiatsu. As it is, Ashi-Thai was actually developed for Ashiatsu therapists in order to add more techniques to their repertoire.

Although the treatment is usually performed on a massage table, it can also be given on the floor on a special floor mat. The therapist massages receivers with the bare feet, which may or may not include using support of bars or a rope hanging from the ceiling. The rope or bars are typically used by the masseur to keep balance, but also to fine-tune the force given with the feet on the receiver’s body.

Ashi-Thai can be (partly) incorporated into a regular Ashiatsu massage session, but it can also be applied as is, as a stand-alone Barefoot Massage treatment.

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