Tough Thai Massage Creatures

Published | Updated February 4, 2019

Tough Creatures

We often don’t realize people are rather tough creatures. They feel they must “endure.” That it’s expected from them. Especially when receiving  a (therapeutic) Thai Massage session. It means people are often inclined to take more than they can handle.

It’s something we practitioners need to be aware of—we can easily over-mobilize, over-press, or overstretch without even knowing it. The best advice I can give: better safe than sorry!

But even so, very often the receiver doesn’t show or shows too late, even when we tell them beforehand to say when “something feels uncomfortable.” Yes, it’s extremely hard to guess, to assess, to know—particularly with first time receivers.

One could object that a professional Thai Massage practitioner should know how much to give, how far to go. That it’s in the game of being a masseur. I agree—we should. But this sensitivity comes with time only, with experience. Gradually. And probably only after having made some miserable mistakes.

Then of course, we become much more careful and cautious. Tender. Gentle. Because we don’t want to lose clients and moreover, we don’t want to hurt people. On the contrary—we want to heal them.

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