Thai Massage Sen Energy Lines Courses in Thailand

Published: Oct 8, 2018
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Thai Massage Sen Energy Lines Courses in Thailand

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In theory at least, knowledge and application of the Thai Ten Sen Energy lines, Meridians or Channels is incorporated (being part of or integrated) in Thai Bodywork courses.

In practice however, the above is often not the case, because of Thai massage beginner (foundation) courses generally having become shorter and more superficial in past years. In our article The Best Thai Massage Beginner Courses in Chiang Mai we’ve addressed this issue.

Nevertheless, in subsequent levels of Thai massage training or Thai Massage therapy training courses, Thai Sen Line concepts and applications are most usually being taught as part of the curriculum.

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Some Thai Massage students look for specific Thai Sib Sen Energy line courses or workshops, but those are rare to be found in Thailand (outside of Thailand, such courses are more often offered). As said, in Thailand, Sen Line Theory and application is generally part of a massage course.

The quality of Sen Theory conveyed varies enormously. Sometimes only the names and trajectory in the body of the ten main energy lines are given, accompanied with a short explanation of their functions. In other training courses, more in-depth practical knowledge and direct Sen Line manipulation is shared also.

Moreover, Sen Lines are a tricky subject as there’s no real common consensus in Thailand neither of the trajectory of Sen Lines, nor of their functions, or even of the (functions and locations of) acupressure points on the lines. Each school, lineage or style of Thai Massage (and of other Thai Healing arts) has another blueprint, map or view. It makes things rather confusing for students, to say the least.

But let’s take a look at some schools and teachers in Thailand that more or less explicitly occupy themselves with distinct Thai Sen Energy lines courses or Workshops. Remember that many schools offer (various depths of) Sen Line training, but as mentioned, most of the time integrated in their Thai bodywork courses.

Ong’s Thai Massage School

Ong’s school in Chiang Mai, offers a 2 day specialty course of Thai Sen Lines called Thai Ten Sen.

Thai Oasis Spa School

Thai Oasis in Chiang Mai, offers a Thai SEN Therapeutic Massage course of 7 days (40 hours). The course focuses on the ten primary energy lines that run through the energetic and physical body. Students are taught the locations of the lines, individual treatment points, and the function that each Sen has. NCBTMB CE units available, by the way.

SEA Bodywork

A school we can’t miss when it comes to the 10 Sen is SEA Bodywork (Structural Energy Awakening) in Chiang Mai. The school from Mike Tan, introduces the ancient Khmer energy lines following the knowledge transmitted by Master Poo (Itthidet Manarat Ongdam). Mike has a strong emphasis on proper thumbing, alignment and body mechanics. The course focuses on thumbing techniques, proper body mechanics, energy Line locations, and techniques for moving Structural Energy in the body.

Master Poo

Ajahn Poo, Mr. Itthidet Manarat Ongdam, is a well-known and influential Thai Massage Master from Chiang Mai. He is a specialist in Khmer Style Sip Sen (Thai Energy Lines) anatomy and healing.

ITM Chiang Mai

The ITM Chiang Mai school is taken as an example of a school that gives Sen Line courses as a follow up on their Thai massage Basic courses. The Sen line course at ITM is called Level III Advanced Sen – Energy Lines. Prerequisites however are the courses Thai Massage Level I and Level II taken with ITM. As they sate it on their website: “In-depth knowledge of the 10 major energy lines (SEN) and their application combined with the movements learned in Level I and II”

Watpo Medical Massage School Bangkok

The Wat Pho school is taken as an example of a Thai Massage school that offers Sen Line training as part of a Thai Massage Therapy course. The Watpo Advanced Medical Thai Massage course (60 hours) teaches the fundamentals of Thai Massage Points and Lines. It’s heavily focused on preset formulas and protocols to relieve certain ailments. In this particular course one learns to relieve 50 ailments, such as muscle sprains and pains, stiffness of the neck, lower back pains, and so on.

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