Thai Foot Massage Techniques | Stretches, Acupressure, Mobilization

Published: Feb 15, 2022 | Revised: Jan 26, 2024
Written by: Marce Ferreira

Thai Foot Massage Technique | Stretches, Acupressure, Mobilizations

In this post, I talk a bit about the contents of our video workshop Thai Massage – Foot and Ankle Manipulation. In the workshop, I demonstrate a range of traditional Thai Massage techniques that manipulate the feet and ankles. You will find various stretches, acupressure techniques, and joint mobilizations.

Mind that this workshop is not about giving a Thai Foot Massage with oils and creams (or balms) while the receiver is seated in a comfortable chair (armchair or fauteuil). No, here we look at a more classical way of treating the feet and ankles (without oils or creams) with the receiver being placed in the prone position, supine position, and side lying position.

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Thai Massage – Foot and Ankle Manipulation | Video Workshop

Many of the foot and ankle stretches in the video also stretch other parts of the body, notably the calves (calf muscles), but some stretches also extend to the hamstring muscles (back thigh muscles), the quadriceps muscles (front thigh muscles), the lower back muscles, and/or to the hip abductors.

In Thai Massage, acupressure is considered important for the feet, and typically it makes up for an important part of the massage work done on them. Apart from releasing muscle tensions, contractions, adhesions, knots, and tangles, Thai Acupressure is a form of Reflexology that influences the entire body, notably a broad range of internal organs. Moreover, acupressure applied on the feet addresses the Sen Energy Lines that run through the feet.

In the video, I apply acupressure on the feet with various parts of my body: my fingers (the thumbs), my knees, knuckles, elbows, and with my own feet.

Joint mobilization makes the joints supple and flexible (in this case the toe, foot, and ankle joints), stimulates joint lubrication, increases joint range of motion, and reduces joint pains. It’s always an important part in Thai Massage sessions.

In the video, you will regularly see me mobilizing the ankle joints and the joints of the toes, which typically consist of repetitive circular or forward-backward stretch-like motions, while incorporating plantar flexions and foot dorsiflexion.

If you’re interested in knowing more about our Foot and Ankle Manipulation workshop, just watch one of our sample videos on YouTube as shown here below.

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