Swara Yoga | Control and Manipulation of the Flow of Breath

Published: Jan 26, 2022 | Revised: Jun 11, 2023
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Swara Yoga | Control and Manipulation of the Flow of Breath

Swara Yoga is a Yogic discipline that focuses on the study, control and manipulation of breath flow. It reminds strongly of Pranayama Breathwork, but it goes much further than only breath control.

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It connects certain ways of breathing to performing certain types of actions in one’s daily life. It also associates the breath in relation to the phases of the sun, moon, planets, seasons, or time of day, guiding what is the appropriate action and preferred way of breathing according to these continual shifting relationships.

In Swara Yoga, breath is also considered a form of sound, and as such having various types of sounds and the subsequent different types of vibrations with different vital, mood or healing effects, among others.

Swara Yoga also teaches distinct modes or types of breathing, which lead and control different types of actions in the physical, mental and spiritual sphere. Moreover, Swara Yoga breathing techniques can help us control moods and heal illnesses.

It’s thought that through the knowledge of Swara Yoga one can become liberated from negative influences, can live in harmony with one’s surroundings and with oneself, and can achieve wisdom and spiritual bliss.

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