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Published: Dec 11, 2021
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Reproductive Health Bodywork was created by Yinova founder Jill Blakeway. It’s a therapeutic blend of Eastern and Western modalities designed to enhance fertility.

Although this bodywork modality incorporates abdominal work, it’s tailored to the entire fertility journey. Reproductive Health Bodywork can also be included throughout the IVF cycle, if an IVF program is the case.

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One of the core ideas behind this massage therapy is that, over time, our reproductive organs often shift position and move around. This can happen naturally and gradually, but can also be brought on by certain circumstances. These shifts can constrict the normal flow of blood, lymph, hormone and nerve connections.

By using a combination of massage techniques and acupressure, Reproductive Health Bodywork, for instance, helps shift the uterus back into place. Some other benefits of the work are support in flushing toxins, restoring the flow of nutrients, balancing hormones, stimulating more regular and less painful cycles and improved fertility, as well as giving better support during the pregnancy and labor period.

Other specific problems that can be addressed are scar tissue due to surgery (including c-sections), adhesions, ovarian cysts, blocked fallopian tubes, uterine fibroids, PCOS and endometriosis, among other issues.

If you’d like to know more about this massage modality, just pay a visit to the Yinova Center website.

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