Radix Work | Body-Oriented Psychotherapy and Breathwork

Published: May 4, 2023
Edited by: Team TB

Radix Work | Body-Oriented Psychotherapy and Breathwork

Radix Work was founded in the early 1970s by Dr Charles Kelley, and is a type of Psychosomatic Bodywork or Body-Oriented Psychotherapy that notably addresses emotional and spiritual diseases and discomforts in a transformational way.

It’s classified as Neo-Reichian Bodywork, being a holistic therapy that works with the body, mind, and emotions to attain healing and to develop the capacity to engage fully with life.

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“Radix” then is presented as the fundamental Life Energy or Life Force that moves, pulsates, and finds form in each of us. It’s believed that the uninhibited, free flow of Radix through the body brings healing, aliveness, insight, self-awareness, discovery, resolution, and acceptance.

Radix Work is applied according to the individual needs of participants, but usually similar themes are addressed in sessions, such as mind-body integration, grounding, emotional and trauma release, centering, awareness, creating effective and flexible boundaries, developing the ability to express or contain feelings, personal empowerment, intimacy, pleasure, and choice.

During Radix sessions a variety of techniques is used to induce change and personal growth, including movement exercises, verbal communication, postural work, energetic practices, breathwork, sound and music, visualizations, and intentional touch. Nonetheless, working with intentional touch and breathing techniques are the primary tools applied in Radix Work.

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