Perineal Mudras and Gestures | Adhara Mudras

Published: Oct 10, 2022 | Updated: Feb 17, 2023
Written by: Marce Ferreira

Perineal Mudras and Gestures | Adhara Mudras

Adhara Mudras — also called Perineal Mudras or Perineal Gestures — are a set of Mudras that engage the perineum, pelvic floor region and internal organs, and typically relate to harnessing and redirecting sexual energy, for instance, such as carried out in certain Semen Retention practices.

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However, the final aim of practicing these Perineal Mudras is to guide and transform sexual energy — also known as Kundalini Energy — from the lower Chakras of the body to the higher Chakras in order to attain Spiritual Enlightenment and Divine Bliss.

Mind that Adhara Mudras are not only applied for “sexual purposes.” For instance, they engage profoundly with the abdominal and pelvic region (realigning, mobilizing, strengthening, toning, and improving blood circulation) and subsequently have a range of physical health benefits for the internal organs and functions.

In any case, the five Adhara Mudras consist of the Maha Mudra (Great Mudra), Ashwini Mudra (Horse Gesture Mudra), Vajroli and Sahajoli Mudra, Maha Bheda Mudra (Great Separating Mudra), and the Maha Vedha Mudra (Great piercing Mudra).

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