Juagen Manhood Massage Therapy in Malaysia

Published September 20, 2020 | Updated September 23, 2020

Juagen Manhood Therapy in Malaysia

Juagen Manhood Therapy is a form of genital massage and reflexology and applies acupressure on points on the thighs and in the groin area, around the navel and lower abdominal area, and below the testicles.

The treatment also involves pressing, stroking, and massaging the penis itself and sometimes includes a Prostate Massage or G-Spot Prostate Massage.

Serious Juagen Massage is barely to be found in Malaysia, then again, the typical Malaysian Manhood Therapy modality is called Urut Batin Manhood Massage. For Urut Batin therapists, you can take a look at our post Urut Batin Treatment Providers in Malaysia.

If you’re looking for Jua-gen treatment offerings, those are more readily available in Singapore.

In any case, for what it is, below we’ve listed the two Juagen providers we’ve spotted in Malaysia.

JuaGen Massage Treatment Providers in Malaysia

KL B2B 29
KL B2B 29 offers a range of sensual and therapeutic massage services, such as body-2-body, Thai Massage, Urut Batin, and Juagen Manhood Massage. [ ... ]
San San from JB
San San from Johor, Malaysia, specializes in full body massage, Juagen (Manhood Massage Therapy) and deep abdominal and womb massage for women. [ ... ]
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