How Often Should You Get a Thai Massage?

Published: Jul 5, 2013 | Revised: Mar 6, 2023
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

How Many Sessions?

When a client asks me how many Thai Massage sessions they should take, or how often, I always feel a bit embarrassed.

Because they actually expect a definite answer from me, but who am I to say how many sessions they should take? I’m not a medical doctor, and I don’t prescribe pills or treatments. And Thai Massage is not a “system.”

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But then, of course, I try to respond sensibly, so let me tell you how I go about.

First of all, I always try to avoid the impression that I just want to make money. Not that I say “No” to more clients or to more sessions — of course, the wider your client-base, the better the continuity in making a decent living.

But basically me doing Thai Massage is not a money-making-thing. And that should be quite clear to my clients as it would deprive the sessions of an important value — the fact that I just really love to do, to give, and to share Thai Massage. That I think that giving Thai Massage is valuable, worthwhile work.

Besides that, it’s really hard to say. I do see if someone would benefit from more sessions, but I don’t know and cannot say how many more exactly. Usually, one treatment session is not enough to give lasting results, and my experience is that one needs at least three to five sessions to be able to really judge the work that has been done.

Another question is when to take the next session. That could be two days later, one week later, ten days later, maybe even a month later. There’s always the client’s individual reaction, say the absorption or adaptation after doing bodywork and I can’t predict the exact progression of this process.

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You see, the body “opens up,” works, gets active, often starts functioning with renewed energy. Somewhat like “digesting the total touch,” but it all happens after its own scheme and schedule. The client needs to be ready physically and mentally for the next treatment.

Taking another session is something I’d rather leave to the clients themselves to decide. In some way I expect that they will know, they will feel if they want, need, or benefit from more sessions. I prefer to consider them grown-ups and “in touch” with their bodies.

As said, I’m not a doctor. I don’t prescribe treatments. And honestly, I think, when we listen consciously, lovingly, and seriously to ourselves, to our bodies and minds, we just exactly know if and when we need what.

In fact, “How many Thai Massage sessions should I take and when?” wouldn’t need an answer, because the question would not appear.

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